A Scrivener Love Affair

I’ve found that both authors and readers like to hear about the writing process, so I thought I’d jot down a note or two about the way I work. Right now, I’m finding there is an enormous productivity boost because I’ve started to use Scrivener. It took me a while to make the switch. After decades of using Microsoft Word! I was used to the familiar toolbar at the top; the way the pages scrolled… and well, just the LOOK of the page.

Scrivener is very different, but it’s PERFECT for authors.


Let’s take research, for example. When I started writing the Eve series, I spent weeks on research (especially about kitsune, which was a very different character. I’d never read anything about a kitsune before I started digging around to see what kind of world I’d plunge Eve into.) I copied and pasted a ton of information into various Word documents – the world of faerie, including powers of those mystical beings; the habits of wyr; vampires and spirits, and a whole truckload more. So many pages of info! A lot of it, I printed out, because that was simpler than sorting through a dozen Word docs opened in individual windows.

Then somebody said how much she loved Scrivener, and especially how much easier it was to organize research. Hmmm. For some reason, I decided at last to explore this program that writers were supposed to love so much. I downloaded the trial – and clicked through to buy my own copy the very next morning. Now I don’t know how I’d live without it. Summaries, synopses, a corkboard with plot notes, a place for research and photos – I was in heaven. (I AM in heaven, because now I’ve been using it for several months.) I can work in split windows, and have the research right next to the manuscript.

If you’re interested in writing, don’t hesitate. Go check it out. Download the free trial, and learn how to use it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked from the start.

O Scrivener, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… :-)

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