A Writer’s Life

A month ago I was talking to a friend about Eve’s progress in Book 2. (She checks in with me every so often to see what is happening.) “At the moment,” I told her, “She’s… [this bit edited. No spoilers allowed]… and I’m not totally sure how I’m going to handle it.”

Last week, my friend checked in again. “What’s going on with Eve? Have you got her out of XXX yet?”

I had to hang my head and admit that no, I hadn’t.

“And why not?”

Well, because…  I was thinking of making up an excuse, but in the end told the truth. Something had come up that stopped me writing for a week. (A legitimate reason.) Then I told myself I needed a few days to get myself back in the zone… and before I knew it, more than three weeks had gone by while poor Eve was still languishing.

This week, Eve is back on track and heading head-first into more trouble. This time, she has no idea how much pain she’ll be in. And will Hunter be able to find her in time? I haven’t decided yet. However, it is time for them to get together and have a fiery scene. The anticipation of it all!

A writer’s life is like that. Ups and downs… one moment it’s flowing; the next we hit the wall. But it feels so nice when you’re back in the zone.

Eve, here I come.

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