Across Worlds – Book 2 Progress

I remember once reading advice to authors that went something like this: “When you are creating a series character, leave some unexplained years in their past. Make sure there’s plenty of room for mystery – for someone to come out of the past to surprise the reader, or an event that he/she didn’t think significant, but which has great importance in future books.”

I didn’t really have to worry about that with Eve! She has SO much mystery in her past, and links to fascinating people and creatures; it was a foregone conclusion that she would discover many secrets.

The main concern I have is one that I share with many other authors: the worry that I will never be able to tell it all! That’s a nice worry to have, really. So I’ll just put one foot in front of the other, adding new wrinkles to Eve’s world, and enjoy every step of the journey.

Right now, Eve is in a desperate situation. (Which is exactly where I like to see my main characters!) So I’d better turn my attention to her plight – and see what she can do to get herself out of trouble. Because it has to be HER – not somebody else.

Back to the computer!

*** The planned release date for Across Worlds, Book 2 in the Hunting Eve Series, is mid-September 2014. However, I’m ahead of schedule, so I’m hoping it will be even sooner! ***