Crossbreed – Hunting Eve Series Part 3, Book 1 now available

Hunting-EvePart3_175There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your latest book go live!

After sacrificing some of my NaNo time to give Crossbreed, the third episode in Book 1 of the series, a final polish and a kiss for good luck, it’s now available for readers!

With every book, I find myself getting more and more drawn into Eve’s world. As a writer, it’s so much fun to explore possibilities – and especially to give grief to the characters!

In Crossbreed, Eve and Hunter are torn between exploring their relationship and keeping Eve safe from the evil nogitsune, Katsu. I’ve given poor Ken a hard time in this novella-length episode, but… I can’t say too much!

Anyway, here it is… I hope you enjoy it!

And now, back to my NaNo words for the day… Book 2, Across Worlds,  is well underway!

Tyla. :-)