Double Cross (Hunting Eve Part 2) is Now Online

Hunting-EvePart2_175Well, after all that writing and rewriting and polishing and getting feedback from critique partners… Double Cross is finally up on Kindle. (Well, actually as I write this it’s in review, and probably about three hours away from going live – but it’s really close!)

I’m really enjoying writing about Eve and Hunter and the various people she’s meeting up with. I’m going to have some fun with Ken in this series – and I have a feeling Axel is going to make more than one appearance.

If you’ve read either of the first two episodes, First Crossing or Double Cross, I’d love to know what you think.Leave a comment below!

I’m having the weekend off – then on Monday I’m continuing with Part #3 of the Hunting Eve Series: Crossbreed. The first two were novella-length episodes to introduce Eve and her world. (Part 1 was 20,000 words; Part 2 is around 15,600 words. Part 3 ¬†will be around 24,000 words.)



Double Cross (Hunting Eve Part 2) is Now Online — 2 Comments

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed books one and two. Hoping you’ll have time to put butt to the seat and write more soon. Nora Roberts cannot write quickly enough for me. Let’s hope Tyla Grey can!

    • LOL – Since Nora Roberts writes at the speed of light, I don’t think I’ll have a hope of getting Book 3 out there fast enough! Glad you enjoyed the first two… and I promise you won’t have long to wait for No. 3! I have all sorts of nasty things in store for Eve (plus a few nice things, too, mostly wrapped up in a package called HUNTER.:-)