First Crossing is on Kindle!

Hunting-EvePart1_175At last! Of course it took a week longer than I’d anticipated, but at last – Part 1 of the Hunting Eve series, FIRST CROSSING, is up online.

Naturally I’m going to look at it and think: I should have done this or I wish I’d changed that… but that happens with every book, so I’m just flat-out not going to worry about it!

I just want to sit and stare at it, but life being what it is… I’ve got to go and prepare dinner. Talk about coming down to earth with a thump. My head is in Eve’s world, with vamps and fae and shapeshifters: a kind of melting-pot community where she’s got to find her way and evade the people who are hunting her – but my hands are in the sink.

The life of a writer!


First Crossing is on Kindle! — 2 Comments

  1. just finished and can’t wait to read the next instalment. liked the characters and the use of the funeral home as a setting. it’s like a fully legged, good nosed Naked Red Wine firing on all its cylinders. BK

    • Thanks, Belinda! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Must see if I can get a Naked Red into it somehow. LOL
      Looking forward to your comments on Double Cross. But right now, I’d better get back to work on Book 3… after a nice cappuccino in the sun. First things first. (Too early for a red.)