Heading into 2013

writing_thinkingHave you noticed how many writers welcome in the new year with enthusiasm and a publishing plan?

I’m one of them. So much seems possible when you have a whole year stretching out in front of you. Sure, there’s a lot to do when you’re plotting novels (or even plotting a whole series), getting those novels written, then publishing and promoting.

But when you’re sitting at the computer at the beginning of a fresh new day at the beginning of a new year, all you can think about is…

…the story.

The story is all-important. Who are these characters? What do they want? What are their fears, their strengths, their weaknesses? Who is intent upon thwarting them, so they can’t reach their goals (or at least have a HUGE amount of trouble reaching them)?

Even if (some days) I find it hard to get started, once I get rolling I can lose hours in the world of my story characters. I might sit there with my stomach rumbling from hunger, or with my tongue dry from thirst; I might feel the kinks in my shoulders from sitting over the keyboard for too long… but I will think: just one more page. I don’t want to stop now…!

And when I finally get up from the computer, stiff and hungry and thirsty, I glance back at the screen showing the page from my current novel and think: I love writing.

It’s just the beginning of 2013. By the end of it, I will have at least three more books about Eve’s world up online – plus a few more books, exploring a different world and a different cast of characters.

It’ll be interesting to look back at this in January 2014 and see what I’ve managed to accomplish. If nothing else, I will have had the joy of sharing a journey with the story people I create. (And punishing evildoers like Katsu.)