Hello, Gang! The Cast Shows Up

There’s nothing like that feeling when a story gathers momentum and starts to take off. You’ve done some thinking; you’ve done some plotting; you’ve come up with the main characters… and you start to write. And what do you know? The characters stroll on stage (or they might be there already, but suddenly turn around and say something) and before you know it, they’re living, breathing people.

Well, it seems that way to the author, anyway…

I’m not someone who plots every last little thing before I start to write. Rather, I have a broad outline of the story. It’s a bit like seeing a path appearing through the fog. The guideposts are in place, but you still have to just put one foot in front of the other – and little surprises appear as you make your way along.

I’m really enjoying getting to know these story people better. I’m finding out things about my main character, Eve, as she talks to the other characters. She suddenly says things that give me an insight into her background, and the weird thing is… I felt that I knew these things all along, on some level. It’s just that they hadn’t found their way (yet) onto the plotting page.