Hunting Eve Part 3: Too Much Fun

Wow, I’m having fun with this one. No wonder writers like creating a series (I know I love reading them, but writing them is terrific too – you get to know the characters so well.)

The trouble is I keep thinking of ideas for future books. Well, that’s not ‘trouble’, really, I guess – it’s great, because I know I’ll never run out of stories.There are lots of characters here that will play a larger role in future books in the series.

Anyone who has bought and read First Crossing or Double Crosslet me know which characters you really liked and would like to see more of. I have my own ideas… but it’s nice to see if readers agree with me.



Hunting Eve Part 3: Too Much Fun — 4 Comments

    • Glad you enjoyed the first two, Jennifer! I’m working on Book 3 – my aim is to get it up online by the end of October at the latest. I’m hoping it will be sooner.

  1. Well I’m hooked. Really loved books 1 and 2 and can’t wait to see Eve’s powers develop as new problems are thrown at her. I’m enjoying the intrigue of the different dimensions that exist in this series.