And NaNo Begins… Book 2 of the Hunting Eve Series

Happy November 1st everyone – the first day of NaNoWriMo!

I’m using this opportunity to write Across Worlds, Book 2 (this time to be released as a full-length nove, rather than being released in shorter episodes) in the Hunting Eve series.

All my fave characters are back (I hope their your faves too!) Eve, Hunter, Ken, The Aunts, and now Finbar and Rona.

On Day 1, I’m 2,224 words into their latest adventure.

Now I think I’ve earned a wine. :-)


Kindle Freebie – First Crossing (Hunting Eve Series Book 1. Part 1)

Hunting-EvePart1_125Hi Everyone,

An exciting day today – the first time I’ve made one of my Eve episodes free on Kindle. I hope you enjoy it!

First Crossing, a novella-length episode of 20,000 words that introduces Eve and her new world, is free on the following dates:

  • Sunday October 21st (2012)
  • Monday October 22nd(2012)

You can get it here:

And now… I’d better get back to putting the finishing touches to Part 3.

PS… The promo is over now, and from the responses, it looks like lots of people want to read Part #3! I’m on it, I’m on it… :-)

Hunting Eve Part 3: Too Much Fun

Wow, I’m having fun with this one. No wonder writers like creating a series (I know I love reading them, but writing them is terrific too – you get to know the characters so well.)

The trouble is I keep thinking of ideas for future books. Well, that’s not ‘trouble’, really, I guess – it’s great, because I know I’ll never run out of stories.There are lots of characters here that will play a larger role in future books in the series.

Anyone who has bought and read First Crossing or Double Cross,¬†let me know which characters you really liked and would like to see more of. I have my own ideas… but it’s nice to see if readers agree with me.


Double Cross (Hunting Eve Part 2) is Now Online

Hunting-EvePart2_175Well, after all that writing and rewriting and polishing and getting feedback from critique partners… Double Cross is finally up on Kindle. (Well, actually as I write this it’s in review, and probably about three hours away from going live – but it’s really close!)

I’m really enjoying writing about Eve and Hunter and the various people she’s meeting up with. I’m going to have some fun with Ken in this series – and I have a feeling Axel is going to make more than one appearance.

If you’ve read either of the first two episodes, First Crossing or Double Cross, I’d love to know what you think.Leave a comment below!

I’m having the weekend off – then on Monday I’m continuing with Part #3 of the Hunting Eve Series: Crossbreed. The first two were novella-length episodes to introduce Eve and her world. (Part 1 was 20,000 words; Part 2 is around 15,600 words. Part 3 ¬†will be around 24,000 words.)


First Crossing is on Kindle!

Hunting-EvePart1_175At last! Of course it took a week longer than I’d anticipated, but at last – Part 1 of the Hunting Eve series, FIRST CROSSING, is up online.

Naturally I’m going to look at it and think: I should have done this or I wish I’d changed that… but that happens with every book, so I’m just flat-out not going to worry about it!

I just want to sit and stare at it, but life being what it is… I’ve got to go and prepare dinner. Talk about coming down to earth with a thump. My head is in Eve’s world, with vamps and fae and shapeshifters: a kind of melting-pot community where she’s got to find her way and evade the people who are hunting her – but my hands are in the sink.

The life of a writer!

D-Day Getting Closer…

Wow. I’ve finished Part 1 and Part 2 of the first book of the Hunting Eve series and I’m up to the editing and polishing stages. I love this part. The hard work (the plot, the characters, the first-draft writing and rewriting and rewriting) is over, and now it’s time to fine-tune.

There are still some parts I’m tweaking quite a bit, but I can see Eve becoming more rounded every time I do some more work. (If this is ‘work’, bring it on!)

I’ve got my two book covers organised, too – and I’ve got so many ideas for Part 3, I can’t wait to get on with it.

Fingers crossed, I’ll have the first two episodes of Book 1, Hunting Eve, up by the end of this week.


“Everything is clear with the benefit of hindsight”… yeah, yeah. I know that. But you realize it all over again when you’re writing. That’s why we have to go back so often and rewrite the beginning – when we get to REALLY know our characters, and then look back at the earlier parts of the book… [SIGH]… and know that it has to be rewritten, because (a) she wouldn’t say things in just that way (now that you know her better) and (b) you have to go back and insert some essential little detail about her life.

Eve is becoming stronger. I need to make sure that the potential for that strength is shown from the beginning.

[Author closes blog post page. Opens up word processor. Goes back to the beginning to rewrite heroine… type type type type… ]


Fun with Research

When you’re writing paranormal fiction, the research is always fun. (If anything, the problem is trying not to get too absorbed in researching the world you’re creating so you leave plenty of time for writing!)

One of the characters I’m enjoying is a kitsune, a shapeshifting fox. As I dig into myth and folkore, I’m finding that there’s a lot coming up that I’m planning to use in future stories – I can see the series unfolding in front of me, which is exciting!

Some of the best resources for an author of paranormal romance are the gaming sites. Plenty of ideas there for abilities that your characters can have – and ways you can tweak them to suit the story.

And there’s something else to love about this genre: it’s wide-open to the writer’s imagination.


Locked In!

There is absolutely nothing better than that stage in your writing when you suddenly lock into a character and you start thinking like her and speaking in her voice. It makes writing so much easier and so much more fun.

I usually have to go back to the beginning, then, and rewrite some of the opening or insert extra thoughts/paragraphs. But even that’s fun, because I know the way she’d react and behave.

I’ve got to stop now and do something else for a while, when I’d really rather keep writing. So this blog post is really a stepping stone: out of my fiction, and into the other stuff via a quick chat with you!

Tyla :-)